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Dual study chemical engineering

Have you always had an affinity for the natural sciences of chemistry and biology? During the dual study program Chemical Engineering you will get exciting insights into the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and life science industries and can apply your knowledge practically.

The education that fits your life

Chemistry and biology school lessons always seemed to be over in a flash for you? With us, you can apply the natural sciences directly to the technical processes of our customers and make your contribution to more quality assurance in various industries.  

As a dual student, you will be on the road with our experienced technicians and engineers in the technical field service for GxP services after an intensive induction. Whether it's pharmaceuticals, biotechnology or life sciences - through the various on-site assignments with our customers, you will get to know interesting companies and people throughout Germany. You will support our team in calibrations as well as clean room and qualification measurements. As a co-project manager, you will actively participate in interesting projects and take responsibility for individual work packages. That's a promise! In your practical phases, no two days will be the same and you will be able to apply your theoretical knowledge in a targeted manner.  

At the dual university, you will be taught the know-how of process engineering, chemistry and biology. You will gain in-depth knowledge of the processes in the plants of the materials conversion industry as well as in laboratory operations. During your studies you have the free choice between two specializations: Chemical and bioengineering or technical and applied chemistry.

Important key data
Start of training Yearly in September with an introductory month, smooth transition into studies from October onwards.
Training duration 3 years
Training location Kirchzarten near Freiburg with Germany-wide assignments at our customers' sites
Dual university DHBW Mannheim

Training contents at a glance

  • Execution of quality assurance services at our customers in the pharmaceutical, biotech and life science industry in the technical field service (Germany-wide)
  • Support of our team in calibrations as well as clean room and qualification measurements
  • Active participation in interesting customer projects as co-project manager
  • Participation in activities and events of trainees and students
  • Development of project work and the bachelor thesis at the location in Kirchzarten
Mitarbeitende von Testo Industrial Services während der Durchführung von Reinraummessungen.

What you bring with you

Do you want to apply chemical and biological principles directly in practice and get to know many exciting companies from the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and life science industries? Then apply now for a place to study chemical engineering at Testo Industrial Services! Requirements for this study program are:

  • A-levels, technical college entrance qualification, subject-related university entrance qualification
  • Mathematical and technical understanding
  • Reliability and accuracy
  • Service-oriented thinking and behavior
  • Ability to work in a team and commitment
  • Willingness to familiarize yourself with different topics
  • Good command of English

Our trainees tell

Our dual student Michael talks about his experiences during his dual study program "Chemical Engineering" at Testo Industrial Services.

Hey, I'm Michael and I've been a dual student of chemical engineering at Testo Industrial Services since 2018. At the time, I had my high school diploma in the bag and enjoyed my newfound freedom to the fullest. As the time came closer and closer to what I wanted to do in the future, quite a few questions arose. Do I do an apprenticeship or a degree? In which direction do I want to go? What suits me best? Based on recommendations from my family, I became aware of the dual study system and was immediately enthusiastic about the mix of theory and practice. I found the alternation of phases particularly exciting. Another advantage: You earn your own money right from the first day. After a brief search, I quickly became aware of the chemical engineering program and took a closer look at the course content. These cover many different areas, both scientific content and technical. From this, I hoped to get a good overview of the different facets of the chemical industry. 

On the DHBW Mannheim homepage, I found an overview of companies that support this degree program. My shortlist fell directly on Testo Industrial Services GmbH, where I then applied for a dual study place. A short time later, I received an invitation to an interview in the beautiful Black Forest, and I realized from the very first moment that I really liked it here. The first interview went very well and gave me a closer look at the day-to-day work at Testo Industrial Services GmbH. The acceptance also came very promptly after my visit to Kirchzarten and I was now looking forward to the start of the training.

Two months before the start of the training, a kick off day took place, where I got to know the other students and trainees of Testo and got an insight into the special spirit of the company. During the first week of training, I got to know the company better by being accompanied by the older students and trainees. The trainee excursion in particular generated a lot of enthusiasm, as I was immediately welcomed very warmly into the group and we quickly developed a real team spirit.

After that, I started in the GxP Services department, to which I am assigned throughout the three-year training program. The focus of this department is on field service work, which determines the majority of my training. For me, that means I get a company car during the practical phases and visit our customers all over Germany. During the week, I stay in hotels near the customer. This gives me a lot of variety and I get to know a lot of different companies and places. On site, I am accompanied by experienced technicians from Testo Industrial Services, who show me important work techniques directly in practice. This means that I am not only in direct contact with customers from the very beginning, but also take on a great deal of responsibility right from the start. The teamwork and the overall atmosphere among my colleagues is very pleasant. I was warmly welcomed and integrated straight away. After a day at work together, we like to end the evening on a social note.

Frequently I find myself at the headquarters in Kirchzarten near Freiburg for appointments, workshops or events. There's also a lot of cohesion between us students, and the regular student get-togethers mean that we never lose touch with each other. At these meetings, we get to hear the latest news and discuss new projects. At these meetings, I get an insight into other departments of the company and can report on my experiences on site at the customer. At the end, we are usually treated to culinary delights at the barbecue or from the Italian restaurant.

The theory phases take place at the DHBW in Mannheim. My lectures take place in a fixed seminar room, where my course of about 30-35 people is located. The advantage of these small courses is that I know all my fellow students. In some courses, lab experiments are conducted, which are then implemented either directly at the DHBW or at a partner company.  Our lecturers, who mainly come to us directly from companies, give us great insights into the practice of free enterprise. The DHBW offers a large, well-equipped library at its location in Mannheim Neuostheim. In order to be well supplied during lunch breaks, we regularly visit the tasty cafeteria on the campus. 

In the course of the dual study program, students write two project papers and a bachelor's thesis in their partner company. The work is supervised by a tutor and graded at the end. The support at Testo Industrial Services GmbH is very good. I have weekly coordination meetings and can ask questions at any time. My colleagues are very happy to help me in word and deed and the cooperation works smoothly. The results of the scientific work should optimize processes in the company and improve the work overall, for example, by developing new tools. As a result, I already have many opportunities to work on a project as a dual student and to influence the final result. 

I am overjoyed to have chosen Testo Industrial Services GmbH at that time and am completely satisfied with my studies in chemical engineering!

Testo-Mitarbeiter lachen fröhlich in eine Fotobox.

More than just a job

A large trainee team with varied projects, exciting excursions and events with lots of fun, as well as an attractive trainee salary. In addition to a sophisticated training concept with numerous development opportunities, a unique team spirit and numerous employee benefits await you.

Eine Testo-Azubine im Bewerbungsgespräch, die entspannt lacht.

Tips for career orientation & application

Our HR experts will tell you all about it and give you valuable tips for the career orientation and application phase. You'll be optimally prepared for the start of your career. Use the helpful tips and write your application with ease or go into the job interview confidently and without surprises.

Your contact person

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Mathias Rombach

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