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Tauchbecken Kalibrierung von Temperaturmessgeräten im Thermodynamik-Labor

Our measured variables

We are your experts for calibration and test equipment management. Our accredited laboratories cover almost all measurands and offer you a unique service portfolio from calibration to repair.

In our accredited calibration laboratories, we ensure reliable measurement results. We calibrate test equipments in almost all measurands with a very wide calibration range and with smallest measurement uncertainties. We work independently of manufacturers and thus offer you more service and more security.

Our measured variables include the areas of:

Kalibrierung von elektrischen Messmitteln im Niederfrequenz-Labor


In addition to standard electrical measuring equipment, we also calibrate your high frequency measuring equipment and specialize in EMC measurement technology and high-precision.

Kalibrierung Einstechfühler im thermodynamischen Labor


In addition to humidity, temperature, surface temperature and luminous intensity, the measured variable specializes in high quality reference standards.

Kalibrierung von mechanischen Messgrößen


Specialised in the calibration of pressure, torque, speed, angle of rotation, force and acceleration are also part of the calibration scope of the measurand.

Kalibrierung von Flüssigkeiten, Gasen, Strömung und Volumenstrom im Labor Durchfluss

Flow rate

The special feature of the measurand is the calibration of gaseous and liquid media as well as flow and volumetric flow meters.

Verbindliche Entscheidungsregeln für die Konformitätsbewertung von Prüf- und Messmitteln sind bei der Kalibrierung von Vorteil


The measuring range impresses with our air conditioned measuring stations which are ideally suited for the calibration of your measuring standards, indicating measuring instruments, test equipments and angles.

Kalibrierung in der Freifeld- und Druckkammer


Within the measurand, calibrations of acoustic measuring instruments such as sound level meters, microphones and pistonphones are performed.

Kalibrierung im Bereich der Gasanalysen und sonstiger chemischer Analysen


The measurement scope includes the calibration of flue gas, CO2 gas, gas detectors as well as gas leak and refrigerant testers.

Unser Know-how


In our Knowledge-Centre you will find answers from our experts to numerous questions about calibration, our measurands and test equipment management.