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Our contact persons

Are you looking for a direct contact person? Then you've come to the right place! All important contact information can be found on this page. 

Sales GMP Compliance

Our sales force in the area of GMP compliance is specialized in services in the GxP environment. As experts in compliance services, calibration, qualification and validation, and cleanroom services, we are available to answer your questions. 

Michael Zehnpfennig im Portrait

Michael Zehnpfennig

Regional Sales Manager GMP West/North
Postcode areas: 35, 4, 50-54, 56-59

Karen Fink im Portrait

Karen Fink

Regional Sales Managerin GMP South/East
Postcode areas: 0, 55, 6, 95 - 99

Jeannette Becker-Edeigba im Portrait

Jeannette Becker-Edeigba

Regional Sales GMP North
Postcode areas: 1, 2, 30-34, 36-39

Sandy Neumann im Portrait

Sandy Neumann

Regional Sales GMP South
Postcode areas: 7, 8, 90 - 94

Junior Branchenmanager Medizintechnik GxPS

Marc Mettenberger

Sector manager medical technology

Sales Calibration Management

Our sales force in the field of Calibration Management is specialized in companies from the automotive industry as well as technically oriented companies with quality standards according to ISO 9001. As experts in the fields of calibration and gauge management, we are happy to answer any questions you may have.

 Christian Schwarz im Portrait

Christian Schwarz

Regional Sales West, Calibration Management
Postcode areas: 32-33, 4*, 50-54, 56-59

Markus Kröhl im Portrait

Markus Kröhl

Regional Sales middle, Calibration Management
Postcode areas: 34-37, 55, 6*, 97

Jörg Ermert im Portrait

Jörg Ermert

Regional Sales southeast, Calibration Management
Postcode areas: 80-87, 90-94

Marius Andris im Portrait

Marius Andris

Regional Sales southwest, Calibration Management
Postcode areas: 7*, 88-89

Pierre-Christoph Göppert im Portrait

Pierre-Christoph Göppert

Regional Sales southwest, Calibration Management
Postcode areas: 7*, 88-89

Portrait von Marcus Treiber

Marcus Treiber

Regional Sales East, Calibration Management
Postcode areas: 0*, 95-96, 98-99

Michael Langwald

Regional Sales Nord, Calibration Management
Postcode areas: 1*, 2*, 30-31, 38-39

Consulting Services

If you have any questions regarding our consulting services or the scope of our consulting offer, please contact Dr.-Ing. Philipp Jatzkowski, Anika Zart or Romina Helmle.

Portrait von Philipp Jatzkowski

Dr.-Ing. Philipp Jatzkowski

Senior Manager Consulting Services

Portrait von Consulting Services Ansprechpartnerin Romina Helmle

Romina Helme

Junior Consultant

Human Resources

Our Human Resources team is available to answer all your questions regarding personnel decisions. Whether you have questions about training, a DH degree course or a permanent position - we are here for you!

Jacqueline Schramm im Portrait

Jacqueline Schramm

Team Leader Human Resources Recruiting and Employee Support

Sabine Sutor im Portrait

Sabine Sutor

Consultant Human Resources 

Portrait von Hanna Schneider

Hanna Schneider

Consultant Human Resources 

Portrait von Lena Argast

Lena Argast

Consultant Human Resources 

Portrait von Jana Kuster

Jana Kuster

Consultant Human Resources 

Annika Wulff im Portrait

Annika Wulff

Training manager commercial

Mathias Rombach im Portrait

Mathias Rombach

Training manager technical

Not the right contact person?

You have not found the right contact person? For all questions, please contact our general hotline at +49 7661 90901-0. We will be happy to find the person for your request together with you.