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Abhol- und Bringdienst, Reparatur, Eignungsprüfung und Vergleichsmessung, Consulting Services, messtechnische Prüfdienstleistungen

Further services

We offer you more - with our additional services around quality assurance, we always meet the required guidelines and standards with more service, more security.

In addition to the core services of calibration, qualification, validation and test equipment management, Testo Industrial Services also offers further services. In this way, we not only safeguard your quality requirements, but also ensure a smooth flow within your production workflows and processes.

Our further services include

Unser Full-Service im Bereich Logistik

Pick-up and delivery service

We ensure the safe transport of your high-quality test equipment with our own pick-up and delivery service at your site.

Reparatur Ihrer elektrischen und thermodynamischen Messgeräte


In addition to calibration, we offer the appropriate repair of electrical and thermodynamic test equipment and measuring instruments.

Mitarbeiter steht im Labor

Proficiency tests and comparative measurements

We are an accredited provider of proficiency testing in thermodynamic and dimensional environments and perform comparative measurements in a non-accredited setting.

Hand sichtbar an der Tastatur mit Symbolen zu Consulting Services

Consulting Services

We offer consulting around the topics of (digitized) inspection process management, inspection planning, quality management systems and statistical process control.

Dimensionelle Kalibrierung Koordinatenmesstechnik einer Block Freifläche

Metrological testing services

Alongside calibration, we also conduct other metrological testing services such as HV testing, initial sample test reports and machine capability tests.