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Compliance and whistleblower system


For Testo Industrial Services, as part of the global Testo Group, compliance with the law and internal company guidelines is a matter of course. With our extensive service portfolio, we think and act sustainably and compliantly and are aware of our responsibility for the environment, people and the region. We are convinced that adherence to economic and ethical values contributes to the stability of the company and its positive growth.

At Testo, every employee at every level of the hierarchy must know, understand and comply with the legal regulations and internal guidelines relevant to their area of responsibility. In this respect, Testo has a Group-wide compliance program with its own Code of Conduct, which has been rolled out worldwide. The Code of Conduct sets out the key principles and basic values to which we at Testo are committed. The Testo Industrial Services Code of Conduct can be found here.

Whistleblower system at Testo

Compliance with the law is important to us, but even the best compliance program cannot prevent individual breaches of the rules. Testo does not accept such violations, but we want to clarify and rectify them as far as possible and learn from them for the future. Testo therefore supports the submission of reports on such compliance violations. In our whistleblower system, anyone can submit such a report in good faith, which is then objectively followed up by Testo's compliance team with the necessary professional expertise. You can submit a report here.