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Ring comparisons

Proficiency tests in the relative humidity range: Hygrometer

A Proficiency test is carried out for the measured variable relative humidity according to the methodology of DIN EN ISO/IEC 17043:2010. 

A humidity sensor with measuring device is sent as the calibration item. The calibration item must be calibrated in accordance with guideline DKD-R 5-8:2019 sequence B. The deviation of the relative humidity at the following measuring points must be determined:

  • 10 % rH, 50 % rH, 90 % rH each at 10 °C
  • 10 % rH, 50 % rH, 90 % rH each at 23 °C

The assigned reference values are determined using the weighted average of all participant results from the accredited calibration laboratories. The results are evaluated using the En‑value for the assigned value.

Schedule and procedure:
Expression of interest: by 21 June 2024
Planned start proficiency test: August 2024

The proficiency test takes place in a ring, whereby a calibration is carried out in the pilot laboratory at least before and after the calibrations of all participants. Each participating laboratory has two calendar weeks to carry out the calibration and is responsible for the insured forwarding of the calibration items. An exact schedule will be sent to the participating laboratories before the start.

Are you interested in our next proficiency test? Then fill out the contact form below by 21 June 2024. We will then send you a non-binding offer. Participation is considered binding as soon as the offer is accepted and an order confirmation is sent.

A summary of the proficiency tests can be found in the description.

Note: A minimum number of eight participating laboratories must be reached in order to carry out this proficiency test.

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