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Eine Gruppe von sechs Mitarbeiter:innen stehen vor einer Schwarzwaldkulisse und lächeln in die Kamera.

Work, lunch break & after work - not without my best friends!

Working at Testo Industrial Services is more than just a job and is characterized by a unique team spirit! This is also shown by the friendship of Jonas, Sebastian, Philipp, Mike, Jacky and Moni.

When asked how the six friends got to know each other, they first have to think. Sebastian, Philipp, Mike, Jacky and Moni began their apprenticeships as physics lab technicians, IT specialists, industrial clerks and dual studies in business administration and human resources management between 2007 and 2011. In 2015, Jonas joined them with his apprenticeship as a physics lab technician after already working in the operations control center.

One thing is certain: The training at Testo Industrial Services connects the friends and represents the starting signal of a deep-rooted friendship. They look back and remember that Jacky had already met Philipp and Sebastian through a lab assignment. Monika also met the others through labeling measuring equipment in the lab. Jonas only joined the group of friends later, but was immediately warmly welcomed.

It is no longer really clear who joined the group of friends and when. What is clear, however, is that the friends met at the latest during the trainee excursion and have not let go of each other since. Because when you walk the path together right from the start and grow up together, nothing can happen in a hurry that could shake this strong foundation.

Good friends complement each other

The six friends sitting on the terrace, toasting with a sparkling shandy and laughing as they share stories from their training days, couldn't be more different.

"We don't just differ in hairstyle!" someone shouts, and they all start laughing.

Looking at the friends as they tease each other and all burst into peals of laughter, one thing becomes clear: Be yourself is important in their friendship. Jonas, Sebastian, Philipp, Mike, Jacky and Moni can contribute their strengths to bear not only in the different departments and positions in which they work at Testo Industrial Services. They can also be exactly who they are with their friends, and they complement each other perfectly as a result.

Jonas, Sebastian und Philipp sitzen hintereinander, lachen in die Kamera und trinken ein Bier

Jonas, team leader in the electrical calibration lab, is affectionately called "grauer Star" (translatable with “cataract” or by word with “grey starling”) by his friends and is the morning grouch of the group. He is valued for his constructiveness both in friendship and at work. He is also loved by his friends for his cooking skills!

Especially by Philipp, the team leader of the temperature lab. This is because he not only complements the culinary arts with his skills as a "grill master", but is also known by his friends for his appetite. With his willingness to help, he has already bailed out one or two others, and the others appreciate that he always takes time for them.

Honesty is the best policy, and so the employees in the pressure lab, as well as his friends, can rely on Sebastian to give them his honest opinion and advice. That and his tireless ambition are what the others admire about their friend, the team leader of the pressure lab. However, his ambitious and determined nature sometimes brings with it a certain impatience, which he sometimes uses to shoo his friends up the mountain during a hike.

Mike, Jacqueline & Monika sitzen am Tisch, lachen in die Richtung ihrer Freunde und trinken ein Radler.

There is strength in Mike's calmness and his loyal nature strengthens the group. And if someone has a question about a technical topic, Mike immediately sets to work on comprehensive research, just in IT system administrator style, so that he can give his friends the best possible recommendation.

Moni's calm manner is also good for the group. The only time she loses it is when she is hungry. Then everyone knows: Mrs. Löffler needs something to eat as soon as possible!
With so many people, many ideas arise. You can rely on Monika, as you would expect from the team leader of the VGMP internal sales department, to have a plan and to give the whole thing structure.

It was through Jacky that everyone really got to know each other. The communicative "Quatscheline" (translatable with “chatterbox”) is especially appreciated for her open nature and is the glue that holds the group together. The connoisseur of human nature can score points with her empathy not only as a team leader in Human Resources Recruiting in the HR department, this quality is also a gift for friendship.

We stick together - privately and at work

The friendship, Philipp tells us, enriches the work immensely. You can exchange ideas with each other, you have connections in different departments and you can advise each other. Sebastian adds that the communication channels are much shorter! "You see each other anyway and can discuss things. And picking up the phone is of course twice as much fun when there's a familiar voice waiting on the other end."

Everyone agrees: working alongside good friends makes everyday life twice as enjoyable!
The different perspectives on the same goal helps them not to lose sight of the big picture. It often also creates understanding for other areas that would not have been considered at all without the exchange during the joint lunch break.

"You learn from each other and can grow from it," says Jonas.

Die sechs Freund:innen sitzen gemeinsam auf einer Terrasse, lachen und albern herum.

With good friends you feel at home

It doesn't take much to maintain the friendship, the six tell us. They do go on vacation together from time to time and plan activities or hikes.

Be together - for the group, that also means noticing and appreciating the little things that enrich everyday life: enjoying lunch breaks together, cooking together, barbecuing, organizing a game night. Or simply enjoying a beer together after work.

Eine Bewerberin im Bewerbungsgespräch.

Career & Training

Are you a team player looking for new challenges? Be a part of us and apply now for a vacancy or a training position at Testo Industrial Services.