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News in the area of accreditation

Quality management requirements, the reliability of measurement results, and changes in standards mean that we are continuously developing. Therefore, we are constantly expanding our service portfolio for you.

Here you will always find the latest information and news in the field of accreditation of Testo Industrial Services GmbH as well as other exciting topics related to calibration.

News 2023

June 2023: New accreditation certificate

After a successful assessment, the time has come again: Our new accreditation certificate with extensions of the mechanical measurands as well as flow measurands has arrived. The extensions concern both our laboratories at our service locations in Germany and our on-site services.

With the new certificate we were able to extend our measurement ranges as well as to reduce measurement uncertainties, but also to have new calibration procedures accredited. Thus we are now able to calibrate your torque sensors up to 5 kNm accredited and this both in the laboratory and on site.

We have briefly summarized the most important innovations here:

Extensions in the measured variables force and torque

  • Force
    Reduction of measurement uncertainty to 0.05% vMW over the entire range
    New procedure: Calibration of sensors according to DIN EN ISO 376:2011
  • Torque
    Calibration of small torques from 0.01 Nm for torque wrenches and torque screwdrivers according to DIN EN ISO 6789 -2:2017
    Calibration of torque transducers up to 5,000 Nm according to DIN 51309:2022 in the laboratory and on site

  • Small flow rates from 0.1 ml/min
  • Large flows up to 340 m³/h with water

May 2023: New accreditation certificate

Our new accreditation certificate is here. The extensions concern thermodynamic, mechanical, electrical, analytical measurands and flow measurands. Here, we are not only expanding our laboratory in Kirchzarten, but are also bringing our locations and our on-site scopes up to date.

With the new accreditation scope, we are the first calibration laboratory in Germany to be accredited for various flue gases. In addition, we are also keeping an eye on the mobility shift towards electromobility and are expanding our measurement ranges in the electrical laboratory and reducing our measurement uncertainties.                                                                                                                   
We have briefly summarized the most important innovations here:

  • Calibration of current transformers up to 4000 A DC with a measurement uncertainty starting from 20 ppm
  • Extension of DC power measurement up to 1 MW 
  • Extension of AC power measurement up to 120 kW
  • Reduction of the measurement uncertainty in the high frequency range with the reflection factor 
  • Comprehensive DAkkS calibration of ESD generators up to 30 kW and 120 A
  • High voltage calibrations up to 10 kV at your site

We are the first calibration laboratory in Germany to be accredited for flue gas calibrations.

  • Calibration of measuring instruments for combustion plants
  • Reference gases: O2, CO, CO2, NO, NO2, SO2, H2S, CH4

Extensions in the measurands pressure, torque and acceleration

  • Positive overpressure as well as absolute pressure with our primary standard from 0 to 400 bar starting at 25 ppm
  • Acceleration up to 20 kHz and reduction of measurement uncertainty
  • Small torques from 0.2 Nm

  • Temperature calibration for block calibrations down to -100 °C including reduction of measurement uncertainties. 
  • Reduction of measurement uncertainties for calibration of loggers in temperature or climatic chambers
  • Measuring range extension for calibration of thermocouples up to 1200 °C

Calibration of flowmeters for flowing gases with real gas (Ar, He, CH¬4, N2, CO2) in the laboratory and on site

February 2023: Harmonization of the accreditation certificate

With the receipt of the new certificate and the associated harmonization of the accreditation numbers, we have also adapted our DAkkS certificate paper.
In the future, you will find the DAkkS logo with the accreditation number D-K-15070-01-00 and the header text "Calibration and testing laboratory for electrical, mechanical, dimensional, thermodynamic, analytical and flow measurement quantities" on the DAkkS calibration certificates.

With harmonization you will also find all services of our individual service centers as well as on-site and mobile calibration laboratories within one certificate.
The only exception is our service center in Villingen-Schwenningen. You will find this certificate as usual with the accreditation number D-K-15070-02-00.

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Our know-how summarized for you: In our Knowledge Center, you will find helpful know-how from our subject matter experts on all aspects of accreditation and certification. Or dive into an interesting technical article on the topic of conformity assessment.