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Knowledge from the field of coordinate metrology

The knowledge area of coordinate metrology answers questions on the topics of initial sample inspection reports, component inspection and accredited calibrations of your prismatic, conical and spherical workpieces.

What is an initial sample test report (EMPB)?

Initial sample test reports document the results from the testing of specified criteria on an "initial sample". The EMPB is thus an important part of the sampling process and establishes the target and actual values. Before series production of a product starts, it must be produced under realistic series production conditions and submitted for testing. The initial sample test report provides proof that products are suitable for series production and meet the quality requirements.

In addition to determining the actual dimensions within the EMPB, roughness measurements (Rz, Ra, Ra max., Rmr, ....) and contour measurements are also carried out.

Is DAkkS calibration possible for prismatic, conical and spherical workpieces?

With our DAkkS accreditation, we have the possibility to measure your components, special test equipment or special workpieces accredited and to issue a calibration certificate. With a maximum measuring range of up to 3 m, even large components can be measured ideally.

What is a component test?

This term can be used in many ways; as a testing service provider, we use this term when creating test reports. In addition to an exact determination of the actual dimensions, form and position tolerances of your workpiece (component) are recorded and evaluated in a test report. 

Which gear measurement service can Testo Industrial Services perform?

The measurement of gears requires a high level of know-how and is very versatile. Different gear characteristics are measured and checked: Profile angle, profile shape, flank angle, flank shape, single pitch and sum pitch deviation of left and right flank, tip and root circle diameter, runout deviation and much more.

The following gears can be measured, among others: Cylindrical gear, spur gear, bevel gear, worm, racks, internal and external gears, gear gauges, various unknown gears and much more.

What contract measurement/order measurement does Testo Industrial Services offer?

As a measurement service provider, we check the geometric product specification (dimension, shape and position) with the highest accuracy, even for large quantities. Here, we tactilely measure your individual components such as housing elements, clamping devices, assembly measurements, free-form surfaces, production parts, machined parts or any special geometries on our coordinate measuring machines. We use the Hexagon Quindos/Zeiss Calypso measuring software. For optical measurements we use our strip light projector/CT scan.