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Ein Testo-Mitarbeiter in Feuerwehruniform mit Testo im Hintergrund.

Voluntary commitment

Gallus Mayer has been an active member of the Kirchzarten Volunteer Fire Department for 40 years. His duties as platoon leader and head of the marching band are more than just a hobby and ordinary club work for the native of Kirchzarten.


Every second counts during operations. Speed, smooth operations and a well-coordinated team - these are the basics for every operation. To ensure that this is the case in an emergency, Gallus has firefighting rehearsals up to twice a week. As a platoon leader, it's important to maintain an overview and take the lead at the right moment. Every minute is precious and often people's lives depend on it. "It's a tremendous responsibility, but also an indescribable feeling when you can help together!" Gallus Mayer also displays this leadership as a team leader at Testo Industrial Services.

Binding and reliable

Gallus suddenly jumping up from work and sprinting the 300 meters from his workplace to the neighboring fire department is something his colleagues in Sales at Testo Industrial Services are already used to. As a firefighter, Gallus is on standby duty and always has his "beeper," as the message receiver is colloquially known, at the ready. "Just by the beep of the message receiver, I can hear how urgent a call is. When you're young, you're naturally very excited at that moment about what to expect, but with time you become calmer. I read the mission message on the display and decide whether I have to go right away - then there's no time to shut down the PC, then the clock is ticking!"

Dynamic, flexible and careful at the same time

At Testo Industrial Services, he is not the only firefighter who also goes out to emergencies during working hours. In such situations, calm is required. Often, everything is at stake now. As an experienced firefighter, Gallus can switch gears in a flash and is 100% focused on the mission: "When the alarm goes off, I'm already in another world."  

The Testo employee finds the ideal balance to his job and voluntary work in endurance sports. In his free time, Gallus keeps fit by riding his racing bike or mountain bike. Together with his wife Gudrun, he regularly competes in the Black Forest Ultra Bike Marathon in Kirchzarten in the pairs classification. But he doesn't forget the fire department even when he's doing sports: endurance sports not only strengthen his general fitness, but also benefit Gallus especially during operations with respiratory protection.

Radio bet with Baden.fm

Gallus completed his specialization as a machinist and is responsible for turntable ladder training in Kirchzarten. He has never been afraid of heights. A special experience for the family man was to take part in a radio bet by baden.fm. The morning show presenter Reyk, who is not free from giddiness and is the "country boy" of the Freiburg station, had to climb the turntable ladder and wait in the basket for two hours at a height of 30 meters. Gallus looked after the contestant, who suffered from a fear of heights and finally won the bet - thanks to Gallus' reassuring manner and his encouraging words. 

For Gallus, helping and supporting on such "missions" and being there for the association and his colleagues is what makes the job as a firefighter so appealing and enjoyable.

Eine Bewerberin im Bewerbungsgespräch.

Career & Training

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